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Suddenly, I realized I was awake, and the anxiety hit me. For a moment, I stared at the dresser, attempting to choke it down. Then, I willed my muscles to move my body out of bed, but they disobeyed. I froze beneath my covers. Over and over I told myself, “I will get up right now.” And, yet, I still could not move. My head sunk beneath the blankets, and within moments, I stifled for breath. The hot air stilled inside my throat and nostrils, and I felt as though I was suffocating. I wanted to jump to the window and open it to the cool winter outside. Either way, I felt so short of the day's excruciating task. Even alone in the bedroom, I could hear the comments people would make when they found out I hadn't completed it. It felt so looming and so large. It felt like the end of the world; it was just too important to screw up. And I would be the one to screw it up.
Yet, another thought crept into my mind, and I asked myself aloud. “When did I become so afraid of life? W
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 11
The Waters of Abandon
The chaos is beneath the surface,
A misleading glass of placidity,
One you think not to touch
My struggle is against the waters,
Depth and darkness unsurpassed,
Known to those acquainted
I defy the all-encompassing threat,
Fated to devastation without aid,
Yet, you do not know it
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 13 3
Vertigo of Soul
I lay closer to the Sweet Surrender,
Fruit of Derision in my hand.
Yet, I do not know how I found this condition,
My lips lingering on the skin.
The hazy high of its toxin sickens me;
A devil waits among the mists.
But, I long to reach my Great Endeavor,
The realization of lost peace.
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 10
Snow Angel
The winter had been uneventful and unseasonably warm, until a ferocious blizzard hit without warning. The atmosphere that day was saturated with a blinding white, and one could not see an inch in front of their nose. There was no doubt that every soul was huddled in their shelter. As the winter spell lifted, a man, who lived lonely on a hill in the deep woods, went to survey the damage the storm had caused to his property. And as he walked, he noticed only white beneath his boots and the skeletons of trees all around him. Finally, he made his way to the last corner of his property, and he thought he saw a silhoutte in the distance. He trudged closer until he was certain that something was there. And before long, the faint outline became clear. It was a woman, fashioned out of snow. For a moment, the thought crossed his mind that there had been tresspassers. He looked around and found no foot prints in the snow. Remembering the possibility of religious statutes from a bygone age, he con
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 5
Feeling Too Much
The attacks, they come more frequently
Setting my heart to race in a fiery blaze
I cling to the few moments of reprieve
Between the cycling of feverish repeat
The fear, it weighs heavier than before
Slamming into me like a reeling wave
Water crashing over my weakened body
Surrounding me in suffocating density
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 16 11
The Legend of the Vampire's Bride - Book 5
Eight months had passed, and Seraphina was growing each day. When Dante thought no one was looking, he would babble at her lovingly in baby-speak, but Reese almost never missed the sight. Dante, being the prince of the realm, was pulled away from their little family often to do his royal duties. So, Reese was finally relieved when Seraphina had begun sleeping through the night, a sign she might turn out a little more human than vampire. And this also meant that Reese could sleep at night when her prince was away.
Each day and night droned on with a cycle of eat, sleep and cry for both mother and daughter until one night, nearing the sunrise, Dante came home to the castle with a puzzled look settled across his face.
“Did something happen?” Reese glided to him, sleeping baby in arms and nightgown flowing behind her in the moonlight cascading from the window.
He shook his head in a doubtful sort of way, gazing downward. “You won't believe what's going on. Bats are wrecki
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 5
“Geeze, Teresa. Don't you ever shut up? You talk enough to lead the manticore right to you.” Zack sat back in his seat at the dinning room table and closed his eyes.
She looked sheepishly at her dinner plate, his remark stinging her. “What's a manticore?”
“It's a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a guy. He eats people, especially people who don't shut up.”
Mom turned from her dishes in the sink. “Don't listen to your brother. Manticores aren't real. He's studying myths at school right now. A myth is a kind of story about pretend things.” She turned to Zack. “Stop scaring her.” She turned back to her dishes.
Zack ran and got his trumpet, packed in its case and leaning against the adjacent wall. He quickly took it out, and whispered, bringing the instrument near to his lips. “And it sounds like this.” He blew suddenly in to it, forcing out an abrupt and surprising note. Teresa clamped her hands over he
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 15 7
Far From Respite
Expressed in the waning shadows cast off by the setting sun
A forebode, indescribable, settles in the confines of my soul
It lingers there whole, with a great and careful calculation
Hidden by a darkness so deep I could never fathom meaning
I am tangled within the intrigue of a thousand spiteful nights
Baffled by the question of how to escape, unscathed and safe
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 15 7
Intangible Dreams
I cannot bask in the beauty of the night
The softness of moonlight's ethereal glow
Or, the gentle coolness of the breeze
My heart is barred against the sensation
Despite the wrestle to free it in dark hours
I cannot burgeon under this burden held
It burrows to the root of my existence
Gnawing at the life and not the weed
I am buried underneath a cloak of earth
Where the beauty of night cannot be seen
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 8
Haiku for the Hopeless
Forget me always
I am never needed here
Wrestling with myself
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 11 7
Whispers by Asahi-Taichou Whispers :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 5
The shadow stalks me, never far behind
My mind acutely attuned to its presence
Despite living some semblance of a life
No one knows of its existence but me
I can find the strength to bear it by day
Silently it waits until I lay down at night
And, then, it begins the terrific assault
Encompassing me wholly in the darkness
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 14 8
Life Banal
The summer night's breeze caresses my cheek
Simultaneously ripping through wounds unseen
I can feel it's vain effort to soothe me
Moonlight shines naively through the window
Illuminating my soul that pulsates in torment
It does not know it intensifies my pain
This atmosphere spirits me to the beginning
I remember feeling endless in possibilities
It is distinct from the darkness now enveloping me
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 16
When the Fire is Too Strong
The emotional erodes the physical
And I atrophy at the borderline
My consciousness is useless stone
The rain cannot divide the crust
Though its whisperings are gentle
I know that I will burst under heat
Because I have been forged by fire
One that has proven too strong for me
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 18 13
Anxiety Attack
This heart has grasped a worry it refuses to let go
I strain and scream against the strength of its hold
My weakness will not provide me a decent chance
But, nonetheless, I vainly rail against the distress
The discovery of this feeling is a mystery to me
I cannot fight an alien whose origin is unknown
It damages me in a foreign way while invisible
And when I ask for help, no one believes its real
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 15 10
Romancing the Darkness
She walked the streets, oblivious to the rain
A brilliant emptiness unfolded inside of her
This was the climax of a lifetime of emotions
Her thoughts converged on a single epiphany
One whose fullness pervaded her soul utterly
The monotony of Life fluttered all around her
Signaling her attention to His gaze with peace
She could not look away, she was drawn to him
Her lifetime was set in the blink of His eyes
The regret she relived was bitter and strong
Worries of the future closed in all around her
Suddenly, she found herself cradled in his arms
Acclimating to a comfort she discovered there
He had wooed her when Life abandoned –
She had fallen in love with Death
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 19 9
2nd entry for liv's contest

A Note for All

I just wanted to let everyone know why I haven't been as active on DA as I was before. I'm still active, but things are difficult. I'm going through an extremely rough time. It's personal stuff, and I don't feel like publicly announcing that kind of stuff. So, all I'm asking is that you just please bear with me. I thank you for your patience.

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Ok. So, I tried to make some pics for my DA page on my own. But, it is going horribly. And there is no way I have enough points to do the few things I need. Any ideas?

As for pics, I'm talking about things like an icon/avatar and something for the donation widget and/or deviantID.
Anyone want to help me name characters?
What kind of subjects for a story interest you (for example, mermaids, pirates, vampires)?


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