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The End of Times
Straining to see through the world's glass
My eyes hurt and my heart is pained
I question where I belong in all this mess
The fear of the uncertainty is never-ending
I hover outside the point of inclusion
It's difficult to understand how to be human
The world is enveloped in a new chaos
Individuals become enveloped in the mass
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 14 11
The Meaning of Humanity
I've been denying the humanity
Others have denied me
Feeding myself a poison
Mixed with jadedness
Humanity has left these realms
Reality has become a farce
Kindness has alluded
The ones who cry for it
Our race has become a breed
Populated by monsters
Stealing the vitality
From everything weak
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 15 19
Spread The Love :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 16 25
Straining and Starving
I want to reach the stars
But I'm grounded by gravity
I see others surpass me
And I'm saddened by my stagnation
I want to learn how to fly
But it's impossible without wings
I'm defective at being human
I seem to be excluded from the secret
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 19
Waiting For You To Remember
Were these castles of memories we took time to build an exercise in vanity?
Once palaces, bedazzled by sunlight and gardens teeming with flowers,
They now call to me as dark fortresses perched atop the forbidding cliffs
The winds howl with icy gales and drown out my voice, pleading for our love
I am held between the rocks and the sea and you are determined not to know
Why do you make the future so unclear, when you know I'd do anything for you?
My deepest fear is that you will leave me stranded for the sea to swallow me up
Again and again I persuade myself to risk the danger of the rocks for your sake
Yet, I take no progress, limited by my imperfection, stuck between sea and cliff
Your coldness surrounds me as you turn out the lights, your love tearing me apart
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 17 24
Mature content
Ghosts are Real :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 7
To the Wanderers
To the wanderers who still search for guiding stars
Remember me when you've found your answers
Lend your wisdom to one who has become so lost
To the wanderers not far removed from younger days
Those feelings of eagerness still anew in your hearts
Teach me how to swell with the passion I long forgot
To the wanderers who find some purpose in tedium
I could reconcile myself with the smallest reasons
Tell me how to hang onto this life with half a smile
To the wanderers who gather with me in despair
We need not isolate our beings as lonely islands
Let us find the strength in the sum of our empathy
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 18 30
Mature content
The Legend of the Vampire's Bride - Book 4 :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 4 6
Mature content
The Legend of the Vampire's Bride - Book 3 :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 5 20
Mature content
Grievances :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 6
Mature content
The Legend of the Vampire's Bride - Book 2 :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 6 8
Mature content
The Legend of the Vampire's Bride - Book 1 :iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 8 17
Reality, The Rival of Fiction
My eyes were closed, and I felt Darin's warm breath in my hair as my head rested on his chest. The rise and fall of it created a soothing rhythm. I opened my eyes, noticing his hand reaching for mine, and I clasped it tightly. He reciprocated.  
“I love you.” His whisper was low and intense. I lingered on this feeling of wholeness.
The light from the window bothered my eyes as I struggled with the bed covers. It was strong, despite the sounds of rain filling my ears.  And when I discovered myself fully awake, sadness started up in my heart like the realization that is one is beginning to drown. Once again, I remembered that Darin was long gone. I sat up in bed, and the cold welcome of the November morning crept over my skin. I cocooned myself into the covers, sinking back onto the bed. The warmth reminded me of how content I had felt in his embrace so long ago.
“It's not real,” I assured myself. “It's only a dream. And he left me long ago. I'm no
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 7 17
Anything But That
The first heads-up I got was two weeks earlier. My husband's phone had blown up with half a dozen calls, and he had always excused himself from the room to take each one. As he left the room, his eyes darted from me to the doorway. He didn't know I was onto him - like flies on roadkill. And that night, while he slept, I scoured through his phone. I didn't recognize the phone number that had kept calling him, so I took the search to the internet. I had always thought reverse look-up was a nice feature, and it told me that the number belonged to a caterer.
“That rascal,” I muttered to myself as I crouched in the living room corner. I returned his phone to the end table and joined him back in bed.
The next day, I went out for my lunch break, and as I drove past a small section of stores, I spotted him through the large window of a jewelry shop. He shook his head at the clerk as he browsed.
I gritted my teeth, “He's gone too far!”
Another week passed without any mor
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 25
Things That Go Bump In The Night
The shadows played against the wall
Spurred on by the faint light emanating from the fire
I lay tucked underneath the covers of my bed
Wondering what horror might befall me
My mind would hesitate on each worry
Each ghastly atrocity that could appear to snatch me
I burrowed myself deeper into my cocoon
Hoping beyond hope that it was a sanctuary
I felt the dull vibration of a noise
At first, I questioned myself if I had heard anything
It echoed again, finding its own pace
That reached my ears with a muted regularity
Before long it began to repeat faster
It grew in volume and I knew it was coming for me
I drew the blankets tight to my chest -
Finding my own heartbeat to be the source
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 17
Sweeter than Candy
Though it may be absurdly cliché
The boys around her would say
That Lorelei was sweeter than candy  
The girl was easy to bring to a blush
She never spoke much above a hush
Her innocence made her sweeter than candy
Those boys would tug on her hair
Or they would put on childish airs
Fancying the one who was sweeter than candy
Before long came a certain boy
Who singly crafted his own ploy
To catch the one who was sweeter than candy
Fred sidled up to her with guile
Aiming to capture her timid smile
Hoping to steal her away, sweeter than candy
He offered a confession to Lorelei
She bashfully cast about her eyes
Then, she ran off, sweeter than candy
He met her again outside the chapel
Bashfully, she handed him a red candy apple
All too pleased with the girl who was sweeter than candy
But, soon, our ambitious Fred
Well, frankly, he turned up dead
And no one ever again called Lorelei sweeter than candy
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 17 34
2nd entry for liv's contest

Fragments of Fate

Fragments of Fate is available now, so please check it out.…

The book includes these stories (plus more):

 - As a teenage girl struggles with bullies, she learns that she is a member of an alien race.

One Wish
 - A businessman, who takes his family and comfortable circumstances for granted, is given one wish.

Once Upon the Sea
 - Everyone in a seaside village believes in a certain curse, except for the newcomer, who happens to be in the whaling business.

How Fragile a Dream
 - A young woman, who lives in a male-dominated and status-obsessed society, wants to do what the boys do, fight, but her mother uses her for her own advancement up the social ladder. It doesn't help that the dresses come with corsets.

And it also includes illustrations from these wonderful artists:

The Loss of Fortitude

Also, if you like poetry, please check out The Loss of Fortitude.…

Emotion knows no bounds, and these poems were created to explore those depths. This book will bring you to the epitome of feeling with its honesty and intensity.

The cover is by the wonderful artist Nephrym 

Book Cover Commission by Nephrym

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damphyr Ghosts are Real (A Winter Ghost Story competition - FlashFictionLives)
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damphyr Turned Tables (Character Role Reversal Contest - The-Creative-Writer)
damphyr Funny Thing (Prompt Contest - Inner-Realms)
damphyr The Ghosts of Our Choosing (Challenge #17 100 Word Ghost Story - DeviantsGallery)
damphyr Forgetting Regret (Contest #3 - ForTheLoveOfPoetry)
damphyr A Lump of Rust (Short-Poem-Freaks)

Bullet; Black Third Place Bullet; Black

damphyr A Mere Conflict (A Storm of Stories: Week 3 - theWrittenRevolution)
damphyr Little Cloudchaser (DAnniversary Contest - Riemea)



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